Acne free with these three natural products

Hello everybody, I have had a lot of requests recently regarding skin care tutorials, people have been asking what do I do to remove my makeup?

A little bit of background, my skin was really bad last year after coming off the contraceptive pill that I had been taking daily for around 12 years. As some of you may know 12 years is a long time to be taking these as they are packed full of hormones and after only about three weeks of being off the pill I developed a really bad breakout of acne.

I still get the odd break out here and there, but I have managed to pretty much got rid of the issue now, when I first noticed the spots I went into panic mode and when out purchasing as many acne and spot treatments as I could get my hands on. This didn’t have the effect I was looking for and if anything taught me the lesson that with skin care less is more. Now days all I use are three key products these are apple cider vinegar, witch hazel & vaseline. Now you might think this sounds slightly mad, but these 3 products work in combination to hydrate your skin and make light work of even the most nasty acne breakout.

Firstly, I use the vaseline, this works to remove makeup from my skin and its amazing. For years I had been using highly toxic makeup wipes day in and day out. These done nothing for my skin, but irritate it and aggravate my acne condition. Vaseline is great at giving your skin a deep cleans and really leaves no makeup residue on the face.

After removing the makeup its time to get to work on the skin for this I use a combination of witch hazel and ACV (apple cider vinegar.) Simply get a small bottle with a lid and mix 1 shot of apple cider vinegar to one shot of witch hazel and top up the mixture with 2 shots of water.

I use this on my face every morning and night with amazing results, it took less than a month of using the method after coming off the pill to get my stops back under control and now I am confident that my skin is looking and feeling better than ever.

Not only is this a great natural way to give your skin a treat, but this method will save you a ton of cash, shop bought acne treatments are notoriously expensive often with very little evidence to show they even work.

So what have you got to lose? Go pick up these 3 simple ingredients today and say goodbye to acne for good.

If you have any question please drop us a comment below.

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