Results of making homemade apple cider vinegar

Hello, this is the update of the attempted to make homemade raw apple cider vinegar. We have let this sit in the cupboard in the kitchen now for a whole year, we are not sure but think we may have to call this a failure. It looks really grim down there.

As you can see in the video we used an airlock on the top of the bottle, this acts as a one way vent meaning the vinegar does not get exposed to air during the fermentation process.

We are going to go ahead an open the bottle. Straight away you can smell a pungent vinegar smell, and it seems we have succeeded in making a tasty batch of ACV for scratch. When making this we did add some mother from a bottle of braggs this introduced the cultures needed to to ferment the apples and turn any alcohol into sugars.

Hope this video has been useful to you guys please let us know if you have any tips that could help us improve our next batch.

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