Samurai Health Drink – Egg vinegar an ancient folk remedy

Sick and tired of weak and brittle bones? Calcium supplements aren’t working as well as expected? Or simply fancy yourself as a bit of a Samurai this egg, vinegar drink is for you!

Samurai Health Drink – An ancient folk remedy

  1. Take a fresh whole raw Deshi Egg if available (Country Hen Egg), broiler Egg will also do, Immerse in a 150 ml or 1 cup of ACV (rice vinegar will do).
  2. The Egg and the Vinegar should be allowed to set for seven days. During this time, the Vinegar dissolves the Egg shell.
  3. At the end of one week the only part of the Egg which has not been dissolved, is the transparent membrane, located just inside the shell.
  4. Split open the membrane and dump the egg back in Vinegar & mix well.
  5. A small amount (10-15ml) of this very powerful Egg Vinegar is taken three times each day, stirred into a glass of warm water.

vinegar eggSamurai warriors considered Egg Vinegar tonic to be an important source of strength and power. The protein, Calcium, Vitamins in the egg are well absorbed by our bodies. One Egg shell contains 1800mg of elemental calcium approx. The daily body need is 400mg, so it can last for 5 days approx. This will be calcium citrate the best absorb calcium than carbonate. The yolk will provide vitamin D It is believed this will assure a long healthy life.

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