ACV Testimonials


Jessica Hester · The Art Institute of California

Hello! I just wanted to report, after finding this article a few days ago, I’m honestly shocked at how awesome this stuff is. I can list off 4 things that I’ve been using ACV for: first off weight loss (I’ve lost about 3 lbs since I read the article.. About 3 days ago o.O); second: heartburn! I’ve had chronic heartburn for about 5 years now – and it’s been DAYS since I’ve had to take my usual-once-a-day pill! Third: Energy/appetite suppressant. (I can be a binge/emotional eater and I also get bouts of fatigue.. Not since ACV – I’ve had quite a bit of energy). And 4th, tonight I finally tried it as a facial toner. I have some pretty expensive face lotion that doesn’t make my face this soft.. And I didn’t even leave it on for that long! All in all, I’ve never been as well-rewarded for reading an article! THANK YOU! 🙂


Mary – From Stockport

I first tried apple cider vinegar around 6 years ago after a close friend of mine advised me that it could be used to treat acid heart burn. I must admit i was skeptical  at first but how wrong i was. After just 10 minuets of first drinking apple cider vinegar the heart burn i had been trying to shift for weeks had completely vanished. After this i decided to look into some of the other health benefits that ACV could offer my body, i was amazed to find out the sheer amount of health benefits this one drink can offer. Me and my whole family drink i daily and have never felt better.

Mark – From Barnstaple

Firstly I’d like to say great blog guys, you have some super information here. My daily apple cider vinegar routine had changed my life. I had been suffering from arthritis for the around 6 years when my wife decided to take the matter in to her own hands. After searching for home remedies and the like we decided ACV was worth a shot. for the first couple of days there wasn’t much difference and i was about to say ‘lets knock it on the head’ but my wife forced be to be persistent. After two weeks had past i felt like a new man, with a joint pain reduction of around 80% i was actually able to go back to work, something that i would have never thought possible. I cant recommend ACV highly enough.

Mellisa – From Stoke on Trent

Hi guys, great blog you have here. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural health products on the market and its helped me and my family is so many ways. We get through a big bottle of Braggs every months. My daughter uses it for her face and hair for its beauty properties. I start every day with a glass mixed with water and its helped me neutralized my bodies PH a combat a long running problem with candida i has been suffering from. Go by some today its well worth it!

Jess – from Dawlish

Being a farmer i had been using apple cider vinegar on my live stock for many years, but i never even took the time to consider what health benefits it could be offering me. One evening well i was browsing YouTube i stumbled upon a video talking about its many health uses for this natural liquid. i was amazed at the amount of condition that were treated with apple cider vinegar. Few weeks later i bought my self my first bottle of raw unfiltered ACV and have never looked back. Now I’m 59 years old and never felt better.

Cassie – From London

Hi guys I’m Cassie a holistic beauty therapist from London. Apple cider vinegar is great stuff we use it every in the practice both in our skin care and hair care routines. it can be mixed with green tea to make the best toner money can buy and if that’s not enough you have all the amazing health benefits from drinking it.  Great blog guys keep it up.

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