Acne & Dermatology : Does Apple Cider Vinegar Clear Inflamed Acne

In this clip we will ask the question, can apple cider vinegar successfully cure acne?

Many people may have heard stories from family or friends claiming that apple cider vinegar was able to rid them of acne break outs. What you should know is that vinegar is very chemically related to something we dermatologists often use for the treatment of acne and this is ‘glycolic acid.’ Glycolic acid which is one of the hydroxy acids is often used as a very powerful acne treatment.

So if you happen to have mild acne and especially if you just have a little bit of acne you may want to try apple cider vinegar as a on the spot treatment that can have powerful long lasting results. If after using acv as a on the spot treatment you feel it has been working you can even use it as a whole face toner which can help to prevent new break outs.

If you have any questions please just get drop a comment below.

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